Soprano Ukuleles

Ohana SK-25Z

My favourite ukulele!

Ohana SK-25

The main differences between this and the Ohana SK-25Z is

the SK-25 is made of Rosewood instead of Zebra wood

and it has friction tuners instead of geared tuners.

I’ve lent this one to my brother in-law so I only have this shot of it at the moment.

Makala MK-SD

My first ukulele… with the AWESOME dolphin-shaped bridge…

Makala MK-SD Redburst

My daughter’s first ukulele! Tuned ADF#B

Also has Aqulia strings – strings almost as much as the ukulele!

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One thought on “Soprano Ukuleles

  1. Hi Idle Dad,
    You caught my attention because my husband is a self proclaimed ‘Idler’ (have you read The Idler? Maybe I shouldn’t encourage you) and I love ukes, although I can’t play. Gave up all things musical when I “failed” music in high school for “failing” to perform ‘Morning has Broken’ on the glockenspiel. (I had to check how you spell that). Really, your tags got me – from Abortions to Zombies. Cool. I look forward to reading you.

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