Odd skills and forest days

I guess it’s probably an odd skill for a layman like myself to be able to simply glance at the cross section of a head of a twenty-four week old foetus and tell if the ventricles are normal sized or large, but I can. It’s a skill I’d prefer to be ignorant of, the same […]

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The Weekend

This morning I woke up feeling pretty good. After three weeks of sickness ripping through our family (and around for a second time on poor Beth), I blew my nose and it was clear, brushed my teeth without gagging and held young Beth who had finally returned to her smiling, playful self. Plus it was […]

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Drugs and small children

Of all the talks, the drug talk is probably the most problematic. The sex talk and the car talk have been cornerstones of teen parenting for decades and of course the internet talk is the new trend conversation between parents and eight year olds. But these talks need to occur because we know that eventually, […]

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