Drugs and small children

Of all the talks, the drug talk is probably the most problematic. The sex talk and the car talk have been cornerstones of teen parenting for decades and of course the internet talk is the new trend conversation between parents and eight year olds. But these talks need to occur because we know that eventually, […]

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Review: iPad

Here’s an iPad review in response to the questions I’m most asked, either from the Twitterverse or IRL (yes, it is still there). Is it any good? Yes. It’s awesome. Do you miss flash? Yes. A lot more than I thought I would. On the iPhone you may not miss flash but the iPad (despite […]

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Why I’m not a Christian

After attending a reasonably funny, thought-provoking and interesting talk called “Laugh your way to a better marriage” I was feeling pretty good. Six hours over two nights away from the kids listening to what was a marriage course dressed up as stand-up comedy. We’d been invited by friends at the church (no, they didn’t give […]

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