Odd skills and forest days

I guess it’s probably an odd skill for a layman like myself to be able to simply glance at the cross section of a head of a twenty-four week old foetus and tell if the ventricles are normal sized or large, but I can. It’s a skill I’d prefer to be ignorant of, the same […]

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Cooking with too much seventies

My parents were the classic seventies and eighties dinner party hosts. The good dining plates were all brown. As was the cookware. After dinner mints were essential. I spent many a Friday night banned from one end of the house and often spent Saturday eating delicious leftovers. I used to joke that the reason I […]

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I love cooking. Not so much the enormously complicated seven course dinner party where the boss is coming over type stuff, but mundane, day-to-day cooking. The mindless, routine, not-particularly creative spag bol type stuff. And chopping. I love chopping onions. Every time I cut an onion I try to see if I can cut it […]

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Ten years ago…

In the so-so Clive Barker novel Imajica the character John Furie Zacharias, also known as Gentle, has been alive for over 200 years but without realising it, as his memories fade after ten years. On discovering this fact and asked why he never realised his memory was incomplete he responds along the lines that firstly, […]

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