An Idle Dad

Idleness is my goal.

I’d been feeling that this whole work thing was bullshit for a very long time when I saw a book “How to be Idle” by Tom Hodgkinson.

Like a bolt out of the blue, my life’s goal had been identified.

Enjoy life. Quit work. Play ukuleles. Achieve parenting Zen.

Errr… Whoops. None of that happened.

Except the playing ukuleles, which I suck at. But I’m not going anywhere, so plenty of time to practice.

Idleness is my goal, not my current state of being.


7 thoughts on “An Idle Dad

  1. Great post on mamma mia…. i’m “Lizzie” btw.

    I agree with your approach whole heartedly. I’d be interested to hear what your wife/partner’s view is too.


  2. Of course you have read ‘The Idler’! Ignore my other dumb reply to another one of your posts. My question is – how do you afford it? Really, I want to know.

    1. I can’t afford it. I’m still a working stiff with four kids and well, it’ll be at least fifteen years until the house is paid off! Idleness is my goal! Idleness, being a Dad and many many years playing the ukulele.

  3. Chris, sorry to leave this message on your blog but I’d like to have a private email chat and can’t work out how to contact you!
    Would you be kind enough to send me your email addy please?

  4. Dear Chris, I would have loved a private email address but couldn’t find one…First of all, I became aware of ‘you’ through Alfred’s story and wanted to say how sorry I was- and yet, how I understood the choice you made and how it was the right one for your family- no matter how heartbreaking. I too, know the feeling of receiving a fatal prenatal diagnosis…Back then, there wasn’t much support so I founded Prenatal Diagnosis Support Australia ( which I’d love you to visit. I also wrote a companion pregnancy book (High Risk pregnancy and fetal diagnosis; your journey) I’d love you to look at (we’re currently repackaging it so feedbacks would be timely!). Finally, I’m also a writer with a couple of books and a few articles, both academic and a monthly parenting column I write for a Brisbane magazine. Would love to hear from you. Stephanie

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