Join the fight: Eight burgers for Dave: Day 8

Jump the shark

Well the final burger – I discussed with several people how to make the greatest burger ever – but ended up jumping the shark. Just goes to show that more does not equal better. At least Dave wouldn’t care, he’d wolf this mother fucker in seconds.

These burgers are for Dave – from John Birmingham’s latest novel Emergence: A Dave Hooper Novel – to help fuel his endless fight against the demon horde! You should totally go buy it right now.

Bun and burger

IMG_0250Cheese and chicken burger


Cheese and pork schnitzel


Cheese, tomato, onion and lettuce





It’s completely over the top, three meats, three patties, buckets of melted cheese. America. Five stars.

Actual taste:

The previous burgers had a focus – taste like nachos, for example. This works well. Having everything is not focus. Considering each patty is the cornerstone of an awesome burger, the burger was surprisingly bland. Maybe I’ve been spoilt by all the good burgers this week.

Minutes helping Dave:

The longest of the lot – 128 minutes of glory.


“Focus is about saying no” Steve Jobs


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