Join the fight: Eight burgers for Dave: Day 4

Nachos Burger

America and sports go together like… well, America and watching sports on TV. While eating Nachos. And if Dave had a break from killing uppity Battlemasters, he’d probably kick back for one of these.

These burgers are for Dave – from John Birmingham’s latest novel Emergence: A Dave Hooper Novel – to help fuel his endless fight against the demon horde! You should totally go buy it right now.

Bun and burger


Corn chips






Melted cheese







It’s like American TV wrestling all in one burger. Five The People’s Elbow stars!

Actual taste:

If you like nachos, you’ll dig this messy arse burger. Jalapeños add a blind tag that will have you tapping out… of wrestling terms… It’s a tasty tasty burger. Has a half life of a soggy Doritos so get in quick.

Estimated minutes of helping Dave:

If it is good enough for The Rock – it’s good enough to power Dave for seventy-five minutes.


So kick back, turn the TV onto CNN and watch live as Dave rips the horde a new one. Because that’s what life is all about, when you think about it.


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