Join the fight: Eight burgers for Dave: Day 3

Breakfast burger

What’s the most important meal of the day? Breakfast!

These burgers are for Dave – from John Birmingham’s latest novel Emergence: A Dave Hooper Novel – to help fuel his endless fight against the demon horde! You should totally go buy it right now.

Bun, burger and tomato sauce




Hash browns




Maple syrup





Well maple bacon kinda speaks to Canadian breakfast more than an American one, but still, the sugar overload swings it back across the border! Four and a half stars.

Actual taste:

Well adding buckets of sugar to anything is obviously going to make it taste great. And while I’d never eaten a hash brown before, this is definitely a breakfast in a bun. Tasty, but the hash browns push it into ‘too much effort’ territory.

Estimated minutes of helping Dave:

This would get him through to second breakfast.


Enough to take on a Sliveen, I’d reckon.


One thought on “Join the fight: Eight burgers for Dave: Day 3

  1. You’d be surprised at the amount of Americans that pour maple syrup over their bacon. My group of US friends do it all the time. And Bacon. I hope one of these burgers is like a small patty and then 10 tonnes of bacon.

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