The Siren

This post has two sources: one, the excellent, sadly abandoned blog of tweep OfManyMen which her dates get special nicknames. Mine gets ‘The Siren’. I recommend you start at her earliest post, and read through. The second source is the post over on Mamamia today about worst dates ever. The cat wrapped in plastic If […]

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Odd skills and forest days

I guess it’s probably an odd skill for a layman like myself to be able to simply glance at the cross section of a head of a twenty-four week old foetus and tell if the ventricles are normal sized or large, but I can. It’s a skill I’d prefer to be ignorant of, the same […]

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Passionate, yes. Fanatical, no.

“All fanatics are the same. They make unprovable claims and distant dire predictions. Then they victimise and vilify those who don’t follow their own conveniently changeable beliefs, promising a justified violent vengeance unless the deniers repent.” The above was posted in response to my Facebook status “Don’t forget today is Punch a Climate Skeptic in […]

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