Martin’s Place – Part II

Unlike other posts on this blog, this story is not under the creative commons copyright, but full copyright by Nola Glavocich This page of my Nana’s story, may not be as dramatic as a life saved by Arrowroot biscuits (as in part I), but it does show that she is one tough lady. Dad worked at […]

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Assange, rape and Wikileaks

I’m a fan of Wikileaks. Up until the US diplomatic cable leak I was a cautious supporter, supporting the collateral murder release but a little concerned about the Iraq war leaks. Admittedly, this was only as a passive consumer of news about Wikileaks. However, on the release of the US diplomatic cables, I became a […]

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Martin’s Place – Part 1

We cleaned out the shed today. The funny thing is, not only do you find a whole lot of junk, but you occasionally find treasures, long thought lost. Such is Martin’s Place, the title of my Nana’s life story. Nana, my Mum’s Mum, wrote this a few years ago on a whim. As a narrative, it’s a rambling […]

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