Interwebs, I’ve missed you

Holy shit, I’ve missed being online. Who’d have thought in the modern world with an iPhone it would be possible to be disconnected… for days…

I had just that experience. In Vincentia NSW the mobile coverage there is – you may want to sit down – 2G. I know. I couldn’t surf – caution: on hearing this you may want to even have a bex and a good lie down – I couldn’t surf Twitter.

Couldn’t keep up with the timeline. Couldn’t see replies until hours later. I’m pretty sure I pissed off my ed boss, advertised dropping my one year old on her head and that’s about it.

Couldn’t upload a photo of my parent’s awesome new table:

or my nephew on the piss:

or even Jas and James finally coming to a wonderful compromise watching Blue’s Clues on the iPhone:

Twitter, I missed you. Let’s not do that again.


3 thoughts on “Interwebs, I’ve missed you

  1. lololol – remember when I went away and kept snatching minutes to get on Twitter? And annoyed you (and others) with my compulsive emails – hastily composed at the internet cafe downstairs from the resort I was meant to be enjoying? And trying to stay in touch via my dumbphone even though I didn’t know how to do underscores etc? I thought I was such a bad person. At least now I know I’m not alone in my wrongness.

    (and if it’s me you’re taking about I could never be pissed off. But we have all missed you.)

    Awesome pics btw.

  2. Of COURSE you missed us!! You missed all my #drunktweets from Saturday night, and they are gone forever now.. Cos I deleted them on Sunday morning… But you know, it’s all good.. I hope you had a good time away!! And we welcome you back…. Gorgeous pics by the way!!

  3. i rekon I would have missed you back had I discovered you earlier than this week…esp based on the fact that I’ve hovered around your blog for the last 45 min and still looking. Nice blog 🙂

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