Why I’m not a Christian

After attending a reasonably funny, thought-provoking and interesting talk called “Laugh your way to a better marriage” I was feeling pretty good. Six hours over two nights away from the kids listening to what was a marriage course dressed up as stand-up comedy. We’d been invited by friends at the church (no, they didn’t give […]

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Ten years ago…

In the so-so Clive Barker novel Imajica the character John Furie Zacharias, also known as Gentle, has been alive for over 200 years but without realising it, as his memories fade after ten years. On discovering this fact and asked why he never realised his memory was incomplete he responds along the lines that firstly, […]

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Interwebs, I’ve missed you

Holy shit, I’ve missed being online. Who’d have thought in the modern world with an iPhone it would be possible to be disconnected… for days… I had just that experience. In Vincentia NSW the mobile coverage there is – you may want to sit down – 2G. I know. I couldn’t surf – caution: on […]

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