The post I was born to… um… post. Ukulele stuff

Sure, it took me thirty five years to discover it, but by noGod, I love playing ukes.

If you are starting out, the first thing you should do is download the book from here.

Great websites:

Youtube folk who’ll teach you stuff

  • ukuleleunderground
  • ukuleleoversoul
  • MusicTeacher2010 (and try MusicTeacher2009 as well)

Youtube folk who’ll inspire you

Online stores I’ve bought from and recommend

Twitter folk

Got a hot website I’ve missed? What about your favourite YouTuber? Let me know in the comments section!


11 thoughts on “The post I was born to… um… post. Ukulele stuff

  1. Thanks for the education…

    When I was in my 20s, one of my housemates played a ukele in a band. If only I could turn back time and get him to teach me all he knew, I could have tapped into this vein of uke-cool far earlier and have already done a uke version of INX’s “Never Tear Us Apart” on YouTube wearing a GIGAPU tshirt .

      1. I notice you say nothing about the misspelling of ukulele. 😉 You are so lame and disloyal. lol

      2. What can I say? I’m Eastern European. It’s how we spell your too-many-syllables Western “ukulele”. We are far too passionate about our ukes to bother with minor things like spelling or even tuning (or, in my case, even playing).

      3. Oh shit Jayne…
        Blog on Ukulele Myths:

        8. ‘Ukelele’ is a misspelling.

        Not according to Merrium Webster or pretty much any dictionary you care to consult. ‘Ukelele’ is a perfectly acceptable variation.

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