Book Review: Kylie Ladd’s After the Fall

OK, I gotta admit right up front that Kylie’s book does not fall into what would traditionally be on my ‘must-read radar’. Or of any of my read radars. For starters: no Nazis. No car chases. Not even a gun. I mean, no gun WTF? All good writers when they sit down at their desks should think “What would Matthew Reilly do?”. When stuff gets interesting she doesn’t use italics to let her readers know. Again, Mr Best-Cussing-Seller Reilly does that.

That said, it’s not shit at all.

In fact, it was a surprisingly cracking read. I may be unable to read about good looking & rich people with problems without thinking boo-the-fuck-hoo (I struggled with The Chimney Sweeper’s Boy by Barbara Vine for exactly the same reason, I just didn’t give a fuck about the characters). However, Kylie is a wordsmith. The dilemmas feel genuine and repercussions aren’t solved with easy solutions. The characters evolve in a satisfactory manner. To her great horror, I may even classify the book as a page-turner (take THAT, literary snobs!).

Maybe it comes from Kylie’s dilly-dallying in the topic previously (you’ll have to google that, no not google images you sick… sigh…) but the plot feels real. I don’t know if you can compliment a book much more than by saying the suspension of disbelief was complete and the book itself completely enjoyable.

Chicks’ll dig it. Guys, I recorded UFC 110 Sydney. Let’s go watch it again because I’m feeling icky from reading chic-rom-lit-fic.

Lastly a public service announcement: Kylie Ladd is moving to a small country town in Northern Western Australia. You know people are going to start getting murdered once she does because of her… bio. She’s perfect murder story heroine fodder. Every thriller book has the small town cop who’s a single parent, the evil clergyman or the local Native American who just happens to know all the old stories (yes, even in Broome).

Well, Kylie is a highly regarded psychologist slash published author. If you don’t run screaming for the hills when she moves in next door you’ve got rocks in your head.

To top it off her husband is a IT specialist, which obviously really means “hacker”. Psychologists and hackers always live in Murderville.

Should I go on? (The answer is always yes). The cute-as-a-button psychologist loves her hacker husband and finds him adorable, despite the fact he’s not as handsome or suave as the single-parent cop who comes around to ask her for her help with a murder case. Hacker hubby helps her, right up to the point the psychopath traces the hacks back to her house and viciously kills him. You can see it, can’t you? Murder will follow Kylie because it MUST. Terry Pratchett called it narrativium.

Broome residents, you’ve been warned: get out. But come back for her wedding to the cop. It takes several books worth of murders so NOT TOO SOON! And don’t be a bridesmaid. I’m just saying.

Kylie Ladd’s After the Fall. Buy it now from Dymocks Australia, Angus & Robertson and now, Amazon.


11 thoughts on “Book Review: Kylie Ladd’s After the Fall

  1. Alright, you may not be a conventional fan of chick lit, but this is a pretty stonking review. Good job continuing to read despite the general lack of weaponry and genocide! Now then if Ms Ladd goes on to become a world-famous thriller writer, I reckon you’ll deserve a bit of a kickback. 😉

  2. Man, you are pretty ok for a guy.
    Great work. If I was Kylie Ladd (and I very often wish I was) I would be beyond excited by this review. I would probably even introduce you to my agent and then you could be the Next Big Thing.
    You might have to write a novel first though. 😉

  3. Jayne is right- I am beyond excited! Have been dreading this review, because I’d guessed this book wasn’t exactly your cup of testosterone-fuelled man’s beverage, and I know that you don’t pull your punches 😉 To be not shit at all is a great honour. To be a page turner and completely enjoyable and even real is way beyond my wildest dreams. Seriously, I’m garteful that you could read and comment on the book for what it is- I’m actually touched that you took the time and energy to post this.

    And as for the whole Broome scenario… I just can’t wait to meet that cop. Hope he doesn’t have too many kids though, or mind that, really, I’m wedded to my PC.”And don’t be a bridesmaid. I’m just saying.” LMAO! That’s gold.

    Thanks again. Let me know when I can have your babies or introduce you to my agent.

  4. Like you I didn’t engage with the characters BUT Kylie is a wordsmith and I wanted to know what happened to them too. I’m secretly planning a sojourn up north to meet Kylie if at all possible while she is in the same state as me. I hope I’m not one of her “victims.”

  5. I love this review.. And as I mentioned the other day.. I want in on the books. I want to be included in the plot as the crazy uke playing midwifery student wearing a tutu.. Who *wouldn’t* want to kill me!! heheheeh….I agree that it is a page-turner.. I am reading it, and I have a VERY STRICT rule that I only read 10 pages per night. Kylie writes in such a way that she paints the picture in my mind. I can see it happening before me in my mind’s eye. And I LOVE that in a writer… There, maybe I won’t be killed now cos I said nice things… Even though I stole your uke….

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