Because they love each other

Mum: Who are we seeing today?
Jasmine: Auntie Bev and Auntie David!
Mum: Uncle David!
Jasmine: I don’t know his real name
Dad: Girls are Aunties, boy are Uncles. Uncle Mark & Auntie Fiona, Uncle Eddie, Auntie Roni, Auntie Janet & Auntie Vicki!
Jasmine: Why are there two girls together?


3 thoughts on “Because they love each other

  1. Hahahaha! I LOVE IT! You know, when we were kids that didn’t happen much.. Not in our cotton-wool sheltered part of the world… So it’s interesting to deal with now.. Or maybe I was just naive? Hmmmm.. No I am pretty sure it was all a lot more under-ground…

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