The facts:

Bearded men are twice as likely to survive the zombie apocalypse as clean-shaven lads.

Despite knowing this:

I’ll be shaving my scrappy salt’n’pepper down to a gentlemanly moustache for Movember.

Why take the risk?

I hope to raise money for doctors and specialists who make men’s lives better through reducing cancer and depression. Perhaps these doctors will one day help the man who, without help would create the virus that causes the dead to return to the living (and seek freshly shaven flesh), will go on to own a children’s bookstore bringing joy to all.

I need you

While I’ll be throwing in some encouragement money to other participants of Movember (known as smooth-faced boys who feebly attempt to become a man one month out of twelve) I need you to back me and my team of Indubitable Fellows with real hard cash…

Click the link. Donate. Save the world.

Breaking the rules

While we would normally follow the rules around starting Movember clean-shaven, this year the rules includes the statement: If you don’t like our moustaches, we don’t like your laws.

So my fellows and I are taking the opportunity to start the month with pre-grown moustaches. If you don’t like it, cry me a river, baby (but still donate!)

I may also wear a jaunty hat.

G’wan, you know you want to donate:

Here’s my personal link again:

And the fellows:

photo 1

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